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So what is the hottest issue now among young Kurds?! (updated)

"The protest in which 3000 students denounced the opening of the private Future University in Slemani, Kurdistan, 13th March 2005".

First I had to wait 20 minutes for blogger to show me the Dashboard. My coffee is all cold thanks to blogger.
So what is the most talked about issue in Kurdistan ?!

Kirkuk ?!! Federalism ?!! Independence ?!!

For Kurdish students , NO. None of them at this moment. Especially for the students at the Suleimani University. The students at the Suleimani University has gone on a strike for almost 3 weeks. Students at the Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy colleges are on strike because of the opening of a new university called "The Future University".
The Future University is a private college which charges $3000 per year for studying Medicine/Pharmacy or Engineering. And of course, student qualification is not an important issue as far as they pay.
Students at the Suleimani Univeristy are not paying for education, but they are going under a selective measure in which the top 150 school students with the highest average marks are accepted for Medicine.

Now the students at Suleimani University demand the closure of the "Future University", because they say that this university is accepting students based on their size of pockets, rather than the size of their brains.

The strike continues, and there is a big row between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Sutdents Unions.
Sadly, just like usual, the bigger issues are not being reported by the World Media.

There are plans for the opening of at least two new private universities in Kurdistan, one of which is American.

Next : Gasha School. A school for returning European & American Kurds.
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