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Traditional Kurdish Clothes Record Sale in the Last Couple of Weeks

A few Kurdish newspapers reported that during the Newroz celeberations "Kurdish 2705 New Year", sales of traditional Kurdish clothes have reached a new record-high.

The last 8 days (starting from 19th of March) were with no doubt, the best time for party and celeberations in Kurdistan's history.
Kurdish clothes need to be designed individually. You can't buy it as you buy a pair of jeans, you have to first buy the materials, and then take them to a designer, and start it from there.
The papers said that most of the designers were totally booked and some of them had to work day and night in order to keep up with the high demands.

People have been celeberating Newroz freely since the uprising against the Iraqi government in 1991, but the living-standard conditions of normal people have become much better since 2003, that everyone affords to go out and party.

I have googled for Kurdish clothes designing and have found this one here, have a look and check out the other designs.

A Kurdish girl in tradtional Kurdish clothes.

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