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Another Hitaus

I think we are being hit by another hitaus. I will be away for a couple of weeks. If you have any questions or want updates on Kurdistan and Iraq related news please visit the lively discussions at these forums here.

Women are becoming super-strong in post-war Kurdistan and also somehow Iraq. Imagine if one of these Peshmerga women was your wife : (Stop snoring or else ! )

Just to leave you with a smile that could last 2 weeks, look at President Bush on a date the Saudi King here (Thanks Tawar) and finally they kiss. Well, don't worry if Bush is your President. Our President has also done it.
Also if anyone has time to translate this materpeice from Hemn it would make a great story in English. Hemn talks about his old Jewish friend in Amsterdam, Holland. He says "I have learnt many things from Shelomo. Before I thought that Palestinians and Muslims would go to heaven by suicide bombings. But now I understand that Jews are also going to heaven". Hemn asks Shelomo why do you still work ?! Shelomo jokes and tells Hemn "Because I am a Jew and I love money". Hemn continues and says "I know he is joking" and asks him "Why do Jews love money ?! " Shelomo says "A nation with many enemies, can only make friends with money to survive".
I guess I have learnt something new from Shelomo too.
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