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Did you see this photo in America and the world ?!

This is Rumsfeld and Barzani. I am sure no one in the world apart from Kurds would have seen this photo as it shows that this is more like a state visit rather than a regional visit.
This is what the Kurdistan government does when a non-Kurdish figure visits Kurdistan, they have this team which plays the Kurdistan and the other country's national anthem and carry both Kurdistan and again the other country's flag. Even when the officials from the Iraqi government visit, they do the same thing.
Can someone add it to www.defense.gov ? (jokes).

Simko reports of the creation of the first skyscraper in Kurdistan and Dr. Hawramy from Iraqi Kurdistan blog like many Kurds is upset when people refer to Kirkuk as a smaller Iraq and Piling posts a great translation from French of an interview with the Iraqi Preisdent Talabani.
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