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The Hewler Globe

A new weekly called (The Hewler Globe) has been published in Hewler (Erbil). It is the first Kurdish newspaper in English. It has a mix of international events such as Jacko's trial, Beckham's plan to quit Real Madrid, Brad Pitt's and Jeniffer Aniston's divorce and several excellent Kurdistan and Iraq related analytical articles by prominent Kurdish and International writers such as Seb Walker, Ian Klaus, and Kurdo Baksi.

Their website is still under construction but Peyamner.com has created a mirror site for them at http://www.peyamner.com/globe/globe_index.htm

I recommend these good reads :

No Deal over Kurdish- Shitte Alliance Page 1, Page 2 Seb Walker
Kurdish Airtravel, a Kurdish love story Page 1 Last page Seb Walker
The responsible and the resistant Page 7 Ian Klaus
Dialogue as means of reconciliation Page 2 Kurdo Baksi

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