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In between the lines : (News that you might miss)

+ A South Korean soldier is detained for 18 months after killing a Kurdish Peshmerga by mistake 5 months ago. The report says that the South Korean did not know that his gun was loaded with live ammunitions.
In that report says that South Korean soldiers do not carry ammunitions. Or carry it without loading them. Strange !

+ A Norwegian TV has released the last seconds of the life of the Ansar Al-Islam terrorist who killed around 100 people in Hewler (Erbil) in February 2004. If you remember it was during the Eid (Eve) and as a tradition, political parties hold public receptions to congratulate each others. Two suicide bombers entered the headquarters of PUK and KDP and blew themselves up. The video can be seen here. There is no sensitivities in this movie as when the guy blows himself up, the cameraman will also die as he is very close to the terrorist.
Watch how he detonates the bomb in his hands.
(Hat tip: Amude.net)

Thanks to commentator (abdur) here is the new link for the video.
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