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Iraq's Democracy & International Intervention

The Iraqi Sistani backed Shia group are now asking international figures to intervene in the creation of Iraq's democracy.

Al-Jafaari has asked Tony Blair to "put pressure" on the Kurds to give up their demands and "give in" to the Arab majority in Iraq.

Something which has puzzled me since February is that the Americans this time have not intervened in decision makings in Iraq as they did in June 2004, just before the power handover.
I am very happy about the Americans - and I hope- the British, not intervening in the process of democracy making in Iraq. So far so good.

It seems that the issues of the Peshmerga (Kurdish military forces) and Kirkuk have been dealt with. Now the Shias want most of the top-ministirial positions.

The current obstacle is the "Ministry of Oil". The Kurds demand two top ministries, the Ministry of Foriegn Affairs (MoFA) and the Ministry of Oil. The Shias insisting that The MoFA Affairs is enough for the Kurds. All the top ministries have been distributed between the Shias and the Sunnis, with the Sunnis taking 2 important ministries despite their low turn out in the elections.

For Kurds, there is no Shia or Sunni. Kurds look at Sunnis and Shias as Arabs first, then as Shia/Sunni. So if the Prime Minister is a Shia, and his deputies are Sunnis, then that means they all are Arabs.
For ensuring that Kurds are having their voice in decision makings in Baghdad, one of the deputies must be a Kurd to ensure that no decisions are being made without consulting us. But so far, the Shias are not happy about Kurds taking 2 two top ministries and a Deputy PM post.

I hope that Americans/British/UN/EU would not intervene in this matter, because democracy is like wine, the older it gets, the better it is. And remember, just like the beer advert says, it shouldn't be rushed.

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