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My comments on Jalal Talabani: The Kurd President of Arab Iraq

I intentionally did not comment on Talabani's presidential post on the day he was chosen as a president of Iraq. The whole world that day was waiting for the reaction of the Kurds, Talabani's media TV , satellite, newspapers and websites made sure that they showed how happy the Kurds are.

In opposite move of the world, I watched how the world reacts to this. Because I knew since February that Talabani will be the President for Iraq. This was not something new for Kurds and Mr. President knows that very well.

Let's see how the world media reported the event :

the first Arab country with a non-Arab head of state: a Kurd, Jalal Talabani

>Jalal Talabani became the first Kurd elected president in an Arab country.

>He is also the first non-Arabic president of an Arab country. ...

>"Is it right that the president of an Arab country be a Kurdish man? ...

And according to google, another 98 sources report the news as "First non-Arab President of an Arab State"

I was following the news on satellite, the majority of the channels reported the news as "First non-Arab President of Arabic Iraq"

It is of course an important step for a non-Arab to become the president of an Arab State isn't ?! But let's not fool ourselves. Choosing Talabani as the President of Iraq was not a gift given to the Kurds. Nor it does solve the Kurdish issue in Iraq and of course it does not cool down the Kurdish aspiration for independence.

The Kurdish leadership, including Mr. President, when asked about Kurdish independence, they say "Kurds have the right for self-determination but we are working for a democratic federal Iraq".
When they are being embarrassed by asking them "But in January %98 of your people voted for independence" they say "Oh yeah every Kurd wants independence in their hearts".

The Kurdish leadership also want independence. But in another form.

The form that is being suggested by the Kurdish leadership and it is being implemented at this stage, is the federal Iraqi Kurdistan. A state within a state. An independent Kurdistan, but not officially declared.
Most people think that if this is a short-cut for independence, let's go for it.

I hope the full success for Mr. President in his short term of presidency of an Arabic State of 8 months.
But I hope that the Kurdish leadership (including Mr. President) would have a plan to settle things now, rather than in another 20 years. If we want independence, let's not be shy. We are not shy because it is our right but the Kurdish leadership is somehow rather worryingly shy.

I don't know what Mr. President and his counterpart Massoud Barzani are worrying about. They have the support of the people when demanding independence. Let's not go far, a student protest and later a teachers protest in Kurdistan was about to halt the government. In Lebanon, a massive protest kicked out the Syrians. In Kyrgyzistan, again the power of people toppled the government. In Ukraine the same thing happened.
If tomorrow, the 2.2 Million Kurds who voted in the Iraqi elections and participated in the Referendum for Kurdistan, turned out to the streets demanding independence, there is no power in this Earth capable of stopping them. What would the international and regional powers do ? A genocide ?!
What can they do ?! We want independence that is it. It is our life not yours thank you. I am sure that regional powers would not have the power they are claiming. There is one thing that all governments are scared from. "People". When these little creatures called Humans get together, they can do anything they want. Any attack on the 5 Million Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan, would result in the stirring of Kurdish nationalism in their own gardens. So that is a very important thing. Trouble will be right at the heart of their homes.

As the world media reminded us again not to be fooled because Iraq will stay as an Arabic State, and Kurds will be the minority that when they get the Presidency seat through-hard work of elections and alliances, they will be called "Oh almighty what a surprise a Kurd is a President of an Arabic State". Yeah, this is how minority will be treated and to stay as a minority is something in our hands.
When you ask for your rights as a minority, you will be called a traitor and an Israeli agent, and a opportunist, as we were called by the Iraqis during the last 2 months. I think my follow friend Sami puts that in words very well.
Mr President Talabani continued to talk about "Independence for Iraq" in his first speech and on his first interview as Mr. President (CNN: Thanks Jackson) but I think he forgot to talk about his real dreams. He did say that Kurds have the right for self-determination (not in Jackson's video for some reasons) but isn't that a temporarily solution to something which might re-emerge in another 20 years of time ?!

Overall the news of Talabani becoming a President is not new for Kurds. And as long as Kurds stay part of Iraq it won't be a strange thing. The Kurdish leadership (including Mr. President) are saying as long as Iraq is made up of two major nations of Arabs and Kurds, a Kurd must be one of the top presidential posts, i.e. either Prime Minster or President. The fact that a Kurd was not chosen to be a President neither Prime Minister in June 2004, was because Paul Bremer and the UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi picked up two Arabs to be PM and President at that time to keep "The Arab identity of Iraq" and in an attempt not to anger the Arab world but unfortunately on the Kurdish expenses.

I wish a safe and happy 8 months presidency for President Talabani.

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