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Rare Photos of terrorist Mullah Krekar

I was looking at an ID photo of "Aso Hawleri", one of the terrorist leading figures of Ansar Al-Islam, which was sent to me by Trevor.
Have a look at the ID (which was found on an Al-Qaeda harddrive in Afghanistan) and try to figure out if this is Mullah Krekar or Aso Hawleri. If you have a photo of this guy (Aso Hawleri) please contact Trevor who is doing a nice work by writing biographies for the terrorist leaders of Ansar Al-Islam.
Krekar had a website before he was charged with terrorism. www.Krekar.net and www.krekar.com
The week he was arrested he closed down his website. Thanks to archive.org, we still can have a look at his website.
Look here at his photo album. I can't dowlonad the images but what you can is to right click on the photos and see the thumbnail photos like this one here.

You can also check out his terrorist group's website by using Archive.org : www.ansarislam.com (try dates before March 2003 ) (I could still view some of their videos).

Also their sister website www.ayobi.com

Finally look at Mullah Krekar's CDs. Apparently he is an Islamic Poet and was selling his poetry on his website.
Again if you have a photo of "Aso Hawleri" or "Mullah Krekar" please contact Trevor or post it in the comments.

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