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Rumsfeld to meet with would-be Kurdistan President

Reuters has just reported that US defence Minister would meet the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party which is expected to be sworn in as the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government in the coming weeks.
The report says that Mr. Rumsfeld would meet Barzani in Mosul.
Barzani is not based in Mosul but in a nearby tourist's attraction. I don't know whether this meeting will take place or not, but the report sounds confusing.

The Kurdistan Parliament dissolved itself last week and a new parliament is expected to be formed this week. As part of the deal between KDP and PUK, Barzani is expected to be sworn in as the President of the united Kurdistan Government.
It would be interesting to find out what will be said between the two.

The meeting has taken place and as I predicted in Pirmam, the tourist's attraction and not in Mosul.
According to Peyamner.com, Rumsfeld has said his visit was to thank the Kurdish people and leadership for the participation in the Operation Iraqi Freedom. Massoud Barzani in behalf of the people of Kurdistan has also thanked Rumsfeld for getting rid of dictatorship.

I just wonder if this was the whole idea of the visit.

Welcome to Kurdistan Mr. Rumsfeld.
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