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Saddam Hussein died in US custody ?!

A Kurdish newspaper have reported that Saddam Hussein have died in US custody a couple of days ago, qouting high ranking Kurdish officials in the Iraqi government. The paper says that Iraqi government and the Americans are in disagreement for announcing the news as the Iraqis want to report it after the formation of the new government. Check it out here, (real pdf file in Kurdish) (pdf file).

Update :
It seemed like the 1st of April's international lying day worked somehow on this blog hehe. I apologise for all those who were affected by this, I promise this is just a once-a-year thing.
But trust me this is nothing, I have been fooled many times. Once a Kurdish TV said on its 10pm News programme that a strange object like a comet have arrived in Kurdistan's skies and it will stay there from 10.30 pm till midnight.

So I forgot it was April the 1st, I ran to the roof and stayed there till 12 am. I didn't see anything I was very frustrated. Then around 12.30 am my neighbour came out thinking I was a theif, so I told him my story, he somehow beleived me and told me "What a fool, didn't you know it was 1st of April ?! "

I hardly beleive any news now coming out on 1st of April.
Is the news about the Pop was real ?!

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