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The best description of Iraq I have ever heard.
Huner Saleem, a Kurdish director of the Kilometer Zero movie who is representing Kurdistan at the Cannes Film Festival said this :

"The problem with Iraq is that it was not born of the will of a single people, but because Churchill wanted it. Power went to the people who had the most Kalashnikovs."

I have never seen such a correct description about Iraq in my life. I think I will use it as the description for this blog - with your permission Director Saleem Huner and wish you good luck at the festival.

Watch the press conference and trailer here.

My special thanks for Efendi, a photoblogger, who sent me a 1 year free subscription for Flickr Pro-Account. I will promise to add 1000 photos from Kurdistan during this year. So far 100 have been added. Check it here.

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