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Iraqis lie to Kurds again : No democratic & federal Iraq

I somehow managed to find some time to come back and post about this important issue which is now clouding over Kurdistan.
During the "oath" taking ceremony for the new Iraqi government, the Arab members removed the words "democratic" and "federal" from their scripts.
These two videos from KurdistanNet.org shows the way Dr. Ibrahim Jafaari and Dr. Barham Salih took the oath :
Dr. Barham Salih
Dr. Ibrahim Jafaari (KurdishMedia report)
Dr. Jafaari brings out a prepared "Oath" from his pocket and omits the words "democracy" and federal.
You might now say where is the problem ? It is only an oath.
Well this is not only an "Oath". Dr. Jafaari and his cabinet are religious people. When they put their hands on the green book (Qura'an), they beleive that they should not lie. Therefore they can not swear that they will acheive "Federal" & "Democratic" Iraq because they do not want these "western" things.
That is why they omitted the words "Democratic & Federal" from the text. They don't want a "democratic" and "federal" Iraq. They want an Islamic state where Shari'ah law is the ultimate law.
The Kurdish leaders are boiling over this and trying to see why this happened. Because the conditions of the alliance between Kurds and the Shia was "democratic federal Iraq".

We saw from the 35 years of history that Sunnis are not commited to democracy, and this oath taking incident yet gives another peice of evidence that the other fraction of Iraqis are not committed to "democracy" as well.

Both Talabani, the Iraqi president, and Fouad Massoum, the head of the Kurdish MPs in the Iraqi parliamend and Massoud Barzani the president of Kurdistan have sent letters to Jafaari to ask to retake the oath.
As long as the Kurdish leaders insist on forcing Iraqis on "Democracy" and "Federalism" we will see more and more of Erbil 4th of May incidents. Simply because Iraqis do not want "federal and democratic Iraq". That is an obvious fact.
I urge the Kurdish leaders to stop forcing people to do things against their wills and return to Kurdistan to work on building on our democracy because that is what most Kurds are committed to. "Democracy".

PM Jafaari deleted "Federal & Democratic " words from the oath.
A veteran Kurdish politician and member of Iraqi Parliament said today that PM Jafaari deleted the words "federal & democratic" personally. [Source]

What other proofs the world want that Iraq will never be democratic ?!!

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