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Update on "How Jafaari changed the Iraqi Democratic Oath"

This is for those who don't speak Arabic. In my last post I didn't explain this properly.
Watch this short movie for Al-Jaafari taking the oath.
Before you do read these notes :
1. Jaafaari brings in his own "oath".
2. Jafaari starts to replace the "original" oath which has the word "democratic & federal" with his own one which doesn't have "democratic federal".
(timing = seconds 16)
3. He whispers to the speaker who tells Jafaari (God Save You) then he mutters a few words and the speaker says something like (Yeah unfortunately)
4. Jafaari and all those after him will read "Jafaari's version of the oath" which does not have the words "federal and democratic Iraq".

Shame on you Jafaari ! You did that intentionally in the front of the whole world.
This incident might be very small, but it has a very large meaning, "democratic Iraq" does not exist in Al-Sistani's 169 coalition dictoinary..
(read my previous post to know what this about)

Another update : Medya says that the Iranian TV networks are calling the insurgents "terrorists" after Jafaari has become a PM. Before Jafaari they were calling the "insurgents" as "Iraqi resistance".
Are you thinking what I am thinking ?!

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