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Ideology change in Kurdistan
So remember all these hyper pro-independence minded opinions out of Kurdistan ? Well, there has been a very sharp obvious change in ideologies in Kurdistan, perhaps more important than that of Ariel Sharon's.

Currently, and especially after the end of the transitional period in Iraq following the approval of the Iraqi constitution, there have been more calls by Kurds for equality and democracy.

There are almost frequent protests by civil servants and students against the Kurdish governments...People are extremly angry at both parties... There are people out there talking about an uprising similar to that of 1991 which happened against the Iraqi army..
Talking of uprisings, actually there were 2 uprisings in two Kurdish cities against the Kurdish parties. One in September against PUK and one in October against KDP.

Just last week, there were several students protests against PUK and KDP in both Arbil (Hawler) and Sulaymani.

Thankfully, international media have started picking up the stories and I was very happy to read this. This is what the report started with
"Iraqi Kurds complain of nepotism and power abuse. Just a small group of powerful officials benefits from the economic boom in the Kurdish region of Iraq. The regular citizens complain of nepotism and corruption. But the two parties have lost a lot of support among their population."

So this democratic "Other Iraq" and "Model for Iraq's future" is just being laughed at in Kurdistan. That day a Kurdish journalist was speaking on a Kurdish radio. He said "I hope Iraq will not be modelled on Kurdistan, because otherwise, we will have an ineffective parliament, corrupted leaders, and massive fraud and theft, and an angry poor nation".

To sum up, this is what a Kurdish newspaper published in its backpage last week. The change of the Kurdish dream. The dream of independence (on right) has changed to the dream of equality and democracy between Kurds themselves.

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