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Iraq abuse claims...Both sides of the story

This week there have been some terrible news for those who still have hope of peace and democracy...I hope these were just a bad nightmare but unfortunately they are not...

1st....reports of using chemical weapons by the Americans in Fallujah and then reports of prisoners abuse and torture by the Iraqi government...

These reports destroy the hopes of the people of Iraq who still to build a democratic and peaceful system in a shattered land.

The president of Kurdistan has condemned these acts but the irony is that many in Kurdistan also beleive that the Kurdish authorities also carry out prisoners abuse. Especially those who get caught in terrorist activities....
This issue is very sensitive and I always try to avoid its discussions, because sometimes you get terrorists blowing themselves up and they get caught just before they do that...Now is it possible to torture this person in order to extract information taking into account that he was on a mission to kill and possibly seconds away from dying ?
I can not answer this question because I am not in the position of the authorities...But I take their point of view that they are desperate to stop the insurgency...So we better take both sides of the situation...

Another thing..I guarantee you that after these 2 reports, there will be a fierce attack by the anti-war movements...Well... this is their right and I also support their campaign for bringing better human rights for the people of the world, but wouldn't it have been nice if these people also raised their voice while we were being tortured and gassed by Saddam Hussein ?

In other developments, another blow has hit the Kurdistan Alliance Movement (which is headed by the Iraqi President Jalal Talabani)...The Yezidi Kurds are now not very happy with the way they were treated by secular Kurds....They only had one candidate in the Iraqi National Assembly in January's elections (if you remember this was the guy who told the parliament not to say anything bad to The Devil because Yezidis regard Devil is something positive). Now they demand 5 seats instead of one...

On good articles this week, The Middle East's real bane: corruption by Michael Rubin and
Kurds struggle for power, autonomy in Iraq by Anita Powell are two different sides of the story from Kurdistan (1st one mainly on Middle East but Kurdistan also being discussed breifly)..
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