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Hello All.
I have been on a break for almost five months now. It just seems like yesterday when my last post was, but can you beleive it that it was almost 4 months ago ? (4 months and 4 days).

I have been very busy especially in the summer. My break was excellent, to be away from "thinking" is something everyone should do. I know we are told "think think think all the time" but to take a break from "thinking" is also essential too.

OK so what's happening in Kurdistan ?
Over the last 4 months, some very important developments.

1st The Iraqi Constitution gives the legal background to the Kurdistan regional government. And hence the name "Kurdistan" to be approved "legally" and "officially" in the world. For example, the US president and British PM welcomed the Kurdistan regional President as "The President of Kurdistan". Something which made our Turkish neighbour to go nuts especially on their satellite channels and newspapers.

2nd The "Independence" issue has somehow changed its directions. Now everyone accepts (well to be more accurate assumes) that Kurdistan is independent of Iraq. People are worried about Pan-Arab nationalism (especially after it was stated in the constitution that Iraq is part of the Arab League) . People are now working for "democracy" for Kurdistan. Well, you might have heard from media reports that Kurdistan is already democratic. Rubbish !!!.
Corruption and unequality and not respecting laws by the two major Kurdish ruling parties have angered a lot of people. For example, in the last 2 months there have been several bloody and peaceful protests against the ruling Kurdish parties over the gas, electricity, and other services.

3rd The Iraqi Constitution : As you might have heard that Kurdistan had the highest turnout and people ran to the polling stations to vote. Again Rubbish !! People estimated the number of those who went to vote as about 25-35% . This is because people are very angry at the two ruling Kurdish parties. But what can we do ? Both leaders of the parties are our presidents. 1st Iraqi President (Jalal Talabani = PUK) 2nd (Massoud Barzani = Kurdistan region President = KDP).
In fact if you ask anyone in Kurdistan about the results, they will tell you "the observers at the polling stations were part of KDP and PUK. They simply filled out the forms for those who did not attend".

It almost became a joke...I called someone asking him if he goes to vote or no on 15th of October..He told me "Oh the observer told our neighbour don't bother to waste your time. We will do it for the whole neighbourhood".

Many people did not like the fact that Iraq was stated as an Arabic country, and the fact that the issue of Kirkuk was postponed to 2008 (AGAIN !!!) and the right of self-determination was ignored (Kurdish leaders used it as a card against Arabs and did not respect the word of the people of Kurdistan).

4th This new TERROR thing is very scary. It is not scary because we get bombed. We got bombed a few days ago (15 dead and 30 hurt). But now if you do anything against the Kurdish ruling parties, you will be accused of being a terrorist.
Some examples:
The Iraqi president said "Those who voted against the constitution are terrorists". (What the hell...Is this supposed to be democracy ? If I vote No or Yes it is my right and people should not call me a terrorist just because I disagree)...

On TV, a Kurdish Minister was speaking. A caller said "What have you done in your post apart from stealing money". The Minister became angry and soon the caller was cut out. The Minister said "This is an example of a terrorist Kurd-hater. All these who speak against us are terrorists and facists and should be punished severly". (What the hell...If I disagree with the government, I am a terrorist. Welcome to democracy).

One day my friend was driving. He came across a road where there was a big land-cruiser (called Monica in Kurdistan) was parking in the middle of the street. He honred a few times but no reply. He came down and went to the driver. There was an armed man in front of the house. He talked to the armed person "Where is the driver of this car ?
Why is he parking in the middle of the road ?" The armed person looked like he was in a battlefield with all his bullets and AK47 and grenades. He said "My Sir is busy upstairs..."...My friend said "can you call him to move his car..we can't go through there"...the guard said "He told me not to disturb him. Now go away"...
My friend became angry and he said if you don't remove it I will remove his car myself...his guard smiled and said "Go away you terrorists before I call the other guards and beat you like you have never been beaten." A man walking on the street said "The driver is the son of Kak ****** (name hidden to avoid troubles) I advise you to go before he takes you to his dad's workplace and accuse you of being a terrorist..they beleive him but not you"...

Under the name of democracy and freedom, the Kurdish parties are having it their way. People are also angry about the Iraqi government. But the anger in the first place is towards the Kurdish parties which rule (KDP - PUK).

People say we have supported these two parties with our souls...Why now they are not building a democratic , equal, transparent, free system in which all of us could be treated equally ?

I guess this is it for this time of Re-turn. Until another "turn" best wishes from Kurdo.

p.s. still have problems with my email account. Some emails have been deleted unfortunately because I did not check my email for while due to time shortage reasons
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