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Students smash Arabised sign of Kirkuk University

Students at the Kirkuk University smashed the sign which was put by the American dictator in Iraq, Paul Bremer.
Last week, and by the order of Paul Bremer, American soldiers removed the Kurdish sign from Kirkuk University. They replaced the sign with an Arabic sign.

Paul Bremer has continued what Saddam Hussein was doing in Kirkuk. Bremer refuses the return of the Kurdish refugees to Kirkuk, he has ordered to remove all the Kurdistan flags in that city. He has taken his anti-Kurdish sense to the extreme that he has ordered to remove even the Kurdish writing...(sorry Bremer I keep forgetting what was the difference between you and Saddam ?) ?

Many now think that there is no difference between Saddam & Bremer because basically :

Saddam Hussein Paul Bremer

Used WMD to attack civilians what happened in Fallujah ??
Prison abuses what happened in Abu Ghreb ??
Arabisation campagin against Kurds Continuing Saddam's stance to Arabise Kirkuk
Dictate Dictate..yes that is right

Became a president by power Who chose him ?!

and many more...
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