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Elections, Bombing Kurds, and the American policy in Iraq

I received some emails telling me to express my opinions regarding the latest series of US attacks on Erbil (Hawler) and the Kurdish villages around Kirkuk.

First, many in Kurdistan think that the Americans, have not returned the true alliance that they were given by the Kurds.
Soon after the Kurdish forces liberated Kirkuk & Mosul in April 2003, the US government said "That is it, your help is not needed anymore, withdraw now".

Jubilant "liberated ?!!" Kurdish refugees started returning back to Kirkuk, and to represent their joys, they were flying Kurdistan flags all over the streets. In May 2003, the US foces main task in Kirkuk was to collect all the Kurdistan flags and burn them. This task is still in operation in Kirkuk, until recently they removed another one. (We have now painted back the flag they removed in December 2004).

It seems that the series of US attacks on Kurds are somehow coordinated. I do not have enough evidence to blame it on the US policy, but there are possibilities that the people who give these intelligence to the US forces might be Baathists Zarqawists. And this is of great danger, it shows that US is no longer in control of anything in Iraq, even the intelligence.
To me, this is how it seems, you punch someone in the eye, and you say "Oh sorry did that hurt ?! I am so sorry"...Then you punch him again in the other eye, and say "Oh my God I really didn't mean that...." WHat about this (Punch him in the mouth this time). This is how the American attacks seem to most Kurds. (Oh sorry did it really hurt, what about this ....).

Not to hide the fact, that USA have stated clearly that they oppose the return of Kirkuk to Kurdistan's borders. Hence, approving Saddam Hussein's Arabisation campaign. (Arabisation, is the process in which hundreds of thousands of Kurds were displaced from their homes in Kirkuk and surrounding villages. Saddam Hussein, is not standing trial for this crime. Arabisation, is not a crime according to the Iraqi government and according to the US government as well.)

On Elections:
The political parties in Kurdistan have started rallying for the elections. I am now considering voting as well. A few friends and families have persuaded me to vote. I will tell you soon who I will vote for.
Posters can be seen everywhere, TV statoins have started broadcasting election propagandas. (I will soon post some of their posts and propagandas).
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