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Americans sent their sons and daughters for "Painting" in Kurdistan not for fighting

If you have been watching this blog, you might remember about the US team which removed a Kurdistan flag back in December 2004.
Many didn't beleive. But now the American army is proud of their "Paint Team".

Let's see what is the American "Paint Team" is in Kirkuk :

According to Reuters, this team is set up by US Army in Kirkuk to paint over any flags in that city apart from Saddam Hussein's flag.

This is "Team Paint", set up by the U.S. military to obliterate many of the flags, symbols and slogans that cover the walls of Iraq's most ethnically diverse city.

So this is what the Americans are doing in Kirkuk. Some PUK sources said recently suggeted that Zarqawi has arrived in Kirkuk. Also Reusters says the same.

No wonder. The Americans are busy "Painting" instead of tracing the terrorists.

The boss of the painters tells Reuters :

"If you start putting up a flag, people get upset," says U.S. captain Bill Hampton, a company commander based in Kirkuk for the past year.

"With my respect Captain Hampton, but I really do feel sorry for you and your men and women.
You guys were trained to find the terrorists not for painting. We have enough painters in Kurdistan and Iraq and many of them are jobless.
If I was ever a soldier I would find it extremely insutling if they told me to paint. I mean Zarqawi is walking free and is busy killing while you guys have a brush in your hands instead of a gun ?!!

I think the American Military should invent new guns. Perhaps with a "Brush" at its end. That way you can paint and kill at the same time.

We were thinking of painting the house. Perhaps we would make some noise and the Americans would come over and give us a hand ey ?!

Anyways, the flags that the Americans are painting over includes the Kurdistan flag. The flag which %68 of the voters in Kirkuk voted for. So I guess %68 of the voters in Kirkuk are not finding this a very "entertaining" Painting Team.
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