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The Future University Students Start their Protest.

Girls wearing tight jeans and belly revealing tops, and boys in jeans and gelled up hair, and managers and government officials in their 40s who are students now, are gathering for another night infront of the Kurdistan Government's Cabinet building in Suleimani. Kurdistan.
This time the protest is carried out by the students at the private "Future Univeristy" to denounce reports from several newspapers that the university will be closed down.

The students at the state-funded "Suleimani University" colleges of "Medicine, Law and Engineering "went on 8 weeks strike and carried out continuous peaceful demonstrations to close down the private university for accepting students with low grades and sometimes with no qualifications to study at the Future University.

The Suleimani University students then turned to the Iraqi Higher Education Ministry and the Ministry informed the Kurdistan Higher Education Ministry that the university will not be recognised internationally for lacking scientific principles. The Kurdistan government ignored Baghdad's advice but they finally gave in as the students at the Suleimani University did not attend lectures for more than 8 weeks.

It became a fashion in Suleimani to study "Law" or other courses at the "Future University". Many people who found that the annual tutition fees of $1600 for law, and $3000 for Medicine, were too little to pay, registered at the university.

The Future University students are now demanding a solution for their problem. Many are asking to be accepted in University of Suleimani's colleges.

The students from The Future University might be transferred to the newly opened Koya University, a university in a small town called Koya near Erbil (Hawler).

With Kirkuk University and The Future University, there are 6 universities in Kurdistan, they are : Suleimani University, Salahaddin University, Duhok University, Koya University, Kirkuk University and the planned-to-close Future University.

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