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who learns from who ?!!!

I am very disappointed and very sad to hear about the American abuse allegations. I have seen the pictures and they are appalling.
Abu Ghareb is the nightmare that all were scared off, including Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Turkmens etc. On 9th of April 2003 we all thought that this place is gone for ever. But what the hell ?!! Now it is worse than before.

It seems that the Americans have learnt from the Baathiests. The US army who was supposed to teach us democracy and human rights respect seems to have forgotten these values themselves.

This American soldier called Staff Sergeant Chip Frederick, said he had no support or training in running prisons.

He said he did not see a copy of the Geneva Convention rules for handling prisoners of war until after he was charged... What the faa.... ?!!! He hasn't seen a Geneva Convention ? Does he know what it is ? The Geneva Convention is what the Americans came to teach us.. They haven't seen it... God Bless Us.

Everyday we lose more and more hope.... This is the worst thing that could happen...

With all these happening...the CPA keeps reminding us on TV every half an hour ...(Both in Kurdish and Arabic)... New Iraq is the Iraq of peace and hope... but where is the hope ? allow peace for the moment...

They say that Amal and Hiwa (both means hope) were killed while trying to kiss in public.... Ashti & Salam (both means Peace) are also reported missing after they were arrested near Fallujah.. (only rumours)...

Let's all wait until Mrs and Mr Hope and Peace arrive.

P.S. Peace = (In Kurdish Ashti) (In Arabic Salam).. Hope (In Kurdish Hiwa) (in Arabic Amal)..

Both these two words are used as names. In Kurdish... Ashti (Peace) is a female name and in Arabic Salam (peace) is a male name.
Vice versa. Hiwa (Hope) in Kurdish is a male name... and Amal (Hope) in Arabic is a female name...

So let's all wait for the couples Hiwa & Amal ... Salam & Ashti to arrive and lighten up the place...

(that is if rumours were not true)...

when u lose all your hopes..even with a new flag..

I seriously did not want to blog at all today..This is because a person needs "HOPE" in order to talk about something positive..

First of all the flag, well I was amused.. I have a friend who designed something similar..and indeed very very similar in concept of style... Excluding the Islamic symbol...but do we actually need an Islamic symbol in our flag ? Do we have to mix between Politics and Religion even in our flag ? O.K if some countries i.e. Sweden, England, etc have religious symbols in their flag then it is ok.. I guess....Here is what Dastan Shaways has created..
But why yellow represents Kurds ? the yellow is a sign of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) which is headed by Barzani, the current Iraqi Governing Council president..

I guess it comes from the Kurdish Sun which is in the Kurdistan flag. I guess so.. The Sun was also a sign for Kurds' old religion of Zardoshtianism.

Oh...Happy Birthday Saddam..Today is 28th of April marking the dictator's 67th birthday..Well this one is different for him...Entirely different.. This time he is in Jaill...So the staff at his prison should tell him at least "Happy Birthday"..though he gets no presents...
I think he should be given a small cake with a print of his picture as it was on 13th of December...That would be a great present for him..just imagine when he opens the box to see his ugly face on a cake... heheh Happy Birthday Sad (damn).

I don't even wanna talk about Fallujah..What these people are doing.. For God's sake the whole country is stuck up on you guys.. not to forget the young cleric who wants to be the president ...

all these upsetting news make me hopeless... at least this article gives me some hope..


I was about to post a new post on the situations in Kirkuk but the BooooooM happened in Basra so I thought it would be stupid to comment on anything else rather than the bombings in Basra..

I was really thinking that the American siege of Fallujah is helping to prevent the suicide bombings.. and it actually have stopped the frequent suicide bombings (before we were hearing about 2-3 incidents per week) and now ...well once a month...

I am concentrating on the possibility that during that cease-fire between the rebels and the Americans, there were some journeys in and out of Fallujah under the name of "humanitarian aid" or "taking the wounded to Baghdad hospitals" but you never know if these were actually responsible for the Basra terrorist attacks..

It seems that these suicide attacks are very well organised.. A person does not just blow himself up.. They are going through a series of misled-information about Islam and at the end they persuade them to give their lives to their believes..

Thankfully, 20 terrorist Kurds have been arrested in Sualiamania this week by the PUK.

The Americans and the Iraqi Governing Council should make sure that ordinary Iraqis are on their side, this can be done by providing jobs, educations and entertainments....if you make them busy with their lives, no one thinks about using force..

Furthermore, there were some arrests of Kurds in Britain under British Terrorism Acts..There is something called "Hawalla", when a person sends money from Europe or any part of the world to Kurdistan or any part of the world (and vice versa) via agents.. You pay a tax of $6 per each $100 (it varies from person to another) ....

These people (agents) then give the money to bigger companies which have business in Dubai or Kuwait or Saudi and then the money arrives Kurdistan via some unknown ways..

What can be realised is that most of these (agents) who deal with Hawalla are religious. You can not imagine how much money enters Kurdistan each week via this process (Hawalla)...Most of the Kurds in Europe work full-time and send their extra-cash back home to help families or to buy more properties..

I guess that the arrested Kurds in Britain were linked to the Hawalla business which is being widely used by Al-Qaeda for money transfer.

Never forget the sayings "A good terrorist is a dead one".

Suicide Bombings...

just a question out of the blue..How come the suicide bombings have stopped with the siege of Fallujah ?

perhaps all the people who control the suicide bombings and the suicide bombers are located in that town...
if not, how come (touch wood) there has not been a single suicide attack for one month ?

I think the Americans should not give up on that city until they arrest all the terrorists and the teenage-trouble makers.

Peaceful Independence or Chaotic Union ?

Raed indicated yesterday to the possibility of an Arab-Kurd war. I guess he has come up to this conclusion when he had heard of the reports on the participation of the Peshmarga in the Fallujah fighting.

Whether Kurds have participated in Fallujah or no, there comes a question, why "Iraqis" view Kurds as "Iraqis" when it comes to their interest, and as "Kurds" when it is not in their interest.
If "Kurds" are "Iraqis" according to the "Iraqis", then the participation of the Peshmargas in Fallujah is regarded as an "Iraqi" force bringing peace and stability to that region. And if "Kurds" are not "Iraqis" according to the "Iraqis" and hence they are not allowed to intervene in "Iraqi issues", then why all the fuss about a "United Iraq" ?
Something I don't understand.

We are now feeling like we are stuck in a middle of a dead-ends road. We can not do anything to improve our lives because we call ourselves "Iraqis" and the other Iraqis in South and Middle are not happy with the current situation. Because we are "Iraqis" then we have to be sad because other Iraqis are sad about the current situation (despite we are happy about the liberation which others call occupation).

This report in the Los Angels Times is showing it very clearly that current events is increasing Kurdish frustrations with Iraq (thanks LA Times for reaching our voices across to the Yankees)

The situation is getting worse.. Foreigners are being kidnapped everyday and this is threatening turning the country into boring place just for Iraqis (I love Foreigners) !

This is a great threat to us..Since April the 9th, 2003, we have had thousands of international teams visiting Kurdistan...Cultural teams, political parties, traders, international companies, etc etc and this has given a boost to the life of ordinary people... We used to hear about a new country sending a "team" almost everyday... but now it has stopped.

Now the stoppage of life in Baghdad means the stoppage of life in Kurdistan since we don't have any international airports (Hewler International Airport is not international yet !!!)

I hope that the current situations gets peaceful very very soon....Otherwise a "United Iraq" does not worth stop breathing..
A man stopped breathing for 10 minutes and he died.. It is been 2 weeks and we haven't breathed.

More on the South Koreans troop deployment..

We heard that the South Korean mission will be to assist reconstructions... That sounds good..There are now hundreds of projects in Kurdistan which need employers and skills.. I guess that they might help in finishing off the two newly built airports (Bakrajo Airport in Sulaimani and Hewler Airport in Hewler (Erbil) )...

Some good news for the South Koreans, there will be no fighting in these areas. People in Kurdistan are more worried going to picnics on weekends rather than watching the news about Fallujah...
So if there are any soldiers among the South Korean dispatch they will be dead bored..

Moving on to Fallujah...What the US do is that they should provide jobs and education and etnertainment for these people so that they would get busy with something useful rather than fighting..
If you don't get a proper education, and have no jobs, no entertainment, you will end up carrying a weapon and shooting it..It is still not too late ...

update on Fallujah :
The current president of the Iraqi Governing Council and the president of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, said yesterday that Kurdish Peshmargas (military) did not participate in the fightings in Fallujah.

There were rumours made by the pro-Turkey Turkmen Shia Council and the Iraqi Turkmen Front that units from the Peshmarga were fighting alongside the Americans in Fallujah.

The "Iraq" that US wanted may not happen...

Guys how are you doing all ? I have been a bit busy lately and couldn't keep up with your interesting comments..

I would like to say a few things that are go around in my mind..

First of all, Paul Bremer got scared from my 1st of April joke and he decided to phone up President Bush and tell him "Hey Mr. President, we never thought that a few Iraqi translators and a few cookers and cleaners may get him out"...Probably Bush has said "Get Him Out" to Qatar then..Story here.

Moving on to Fallujah.. I think this current event has dramatic events about the American dream of a model Iraq.
Perhaps Iraq will be a democratic country, but not the way the Americans want.. Following the killing of about 650 people in Fallujah it will not have a good reaction from the other Iraqis.
Look at it in this way, say you are a man with no interest in politics, you once hear that an occupation army has killed 650 from you in your neighbouring city, it makes you feel angry and pushes you to do something about it..
That is what is happening across South and Middle Iraq (Sunni and Shia)...Anti-US and occupation feelings are very tense and high at this moment.. This is not in US favour.

Now if there were any elections in the future, Radical Islamicists and far right Iraqi Nationalists will definitely win ! And this is not in the US favour either !

What the Americans are doing is that they are uniting the Shias and the Sunnis against them, something that Al-Qaeda was trying to do for ages. But the Americans have done it by themselves..
Instead of usign heavy military to attacka town like Fallujah, what they could have done was using intelligence to target specific people, like leaders of the resistance or radical clerics. What they had to avoid was to create mass-anti-civilians military operations...at the same time, providing jobs and education and entertainments to ordinary civilians..

Perhaps it is a bit late now, but it is never late for a re-draft of Iraq. History is a witness that the "model Iraq" that Briton wanted in the 1920s never happened. The united democratic free "model Iraq" which US wants may never happen. But what could happen is a quick work-out of the primary plans.

We have a Kurdish proverb "Fighting is better than doing nothing"..that is what exactly is going on in Fallujah.

We also heard that South Korea will send 3600 troops to Kurdistan and specifically Sulaimania and Hewler (Erbil) provinces, hmmmmmmmmmm are they being sent for "holiday" or what ?!! lol
if they want to keep the peace then Fallujah is the place where it lacks peace.. I wish that they are not "soldiers"..otherwise they will be bored...There are no fightings in Kurdistan apart from normal crimes and the Kurdish police are doing their bits. . I wish that the 3600 South Koreans are scientists, doctors, engineers, and other useful people...

So...they want a United Iraq huh ?

so we Kurds have to sit and watch the Shias and the Sunnis fighting the Americans 24/7 and do nothing about it..
We are gutted that we can't go forward because we see the Coalition Forces as "liberators" and they see them as "occupiers"..
I don't see any reasons why the Kurdish leaders are silent about this and they don't unite with their people..
Massoud Barzani is now the president of the Iraqi Governing Council and yesterday we saw him with the other 4 Kurdish members of IGC having a meeting in the PUK headquarter in Baghdad..
What the hell are these leaders doing in Baghdad ? It is been one year and I fear that things are going backward instead of forward..
We can't live our own normal lives because some Shias and Sunnis are not happy about the presence of the Americans..
If these uprisings go on in Iraq I will be happy if our leaders concentrated more on the "Referendum" process rather than on Baghdad.. Life is impossible like this..

Message for Bremer : Terrorise Al-Sadder before he terrorises us

So Muqtada Sadder has called to terrorise his enemies which include "Coalition forces and the Kurds" yeah ? This young kid who acts as a teenager does not know nothing apart from terror. He is the most hated person in Kurdistan after Saddam Hussein.

His last message to the Kurds was "to the citizens of Northern Iraq, I dont' say Kurds because they are Iraqis and are no different from us, stop assisting the coalition forces"....May I say Muqtada that we are assisting the coalaition because we want to help people like you... We are not obliged to be part of your kingdom.. We are not following you and we are not supporting you... We do not want to be part of your Iranian plans....

Now Muqtada wants to be the president of Iraq, which was liberated by the Coalition Forces.. Just yesterday, his troops killed 7 US soldiers and injuried 24... where were they just one year ago ?

Mr. Bremer; why Muqtada is still allowed to have his own government inside your Iraq ??? He has a completely Islamic government right under your nose, yet you fail to do anything about it.

Where were you Mr Muqtada Sadder while Saddam was sucking up your blood ?

I have one thing to say against this Iranian agent..."Terrorise him before he terrorises us"... A couple of Israeli tips would help here....They are great in dealing with these kinda people.. If Bremer gives a green light to his termination, it will be the right decision..there might be some unrest for a few days but there will be a great positive effect for long-term..

It is officially a war.. and freedom-loving people will lose nothing.. it is not us who started it...

unconfirmed reports about Saddam's escape...

According to a PUK source, there are reports that Saddam Hussein has managed to escaped last night, with the help of a group of Iraqi insiders in the compound where he was detained.

The news was broadcasted by a Kurdish Radio but there are no confirmation from the American administration in Iraq. The report said that a few translators and cleaners who were working at the place where Saddam Hussein was detained, have helped the former dictator to flee his American captors.

If this is confirmed, that means this is Saddam's second and greatest escape in history.